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21-09-2007 10:56:57

Hello All,
If anyone has noticed, [b2055a43037][] has been completely redesigned![/b2055a43037] I am very excited about this new design so I thought we would kick it off with some [b2055a43037]GREAT updates and promotions![/b2055a43037] Also, [u2055a43037]I have added a new link on the home page entilited "Promos," look there for current promotions also! [/u2055a43037] Please voice your opinions on the design, updates, and promos in this thread! [b2055a43037] liliStill trying to work out some bugs, send in support ticket if you guys find anylili[/b2055a43037]

Better, Faster, STRONGER![/color2055a43037]


[u2055a43037]UPDATE #1)[/u2055a43037][/color2055a43037] [b2055a43037]Offers have now been RAISED up a ton![/b2055a43037] Most of the 1/5 and 1/6 have [b2055a43037]GONE UP[/b2055a43037] and now we have a majority of [b2055a43037]offers worth 1/4, 1/3, and UP![/b2055a43037] All the 1/5 and 1/6 offers are now labeled at the BOTTOM and are called "zliLOW CREDITliz. These are for the people who are stuck at .85 or .90.

[b2055a43037] Now it only takes about $2-$4 to GO GREEN![/b2055a43037] These are [b2055a43037]HUGE [/b2055a43037]changes for ALL RocketBills users!

- Also, All the offers that are open to Canada are labeled [b2055a43037]"CA"[/b2055a43037] so hopefully this makes it easier for my Canadian users!
[b2055a43037] - I encourage everyone to have a look at the offers here http//[]http//
[u2055a43037]UPDATE #1)[/u2055a43037][/color2055a43037] Until further notice, [b2055a43037]PAYOUTS are going to be EVERY WEEK!![/b2055a43037] RocketBills is going to be trying this out since we [b2055a43037]LOVE to make our users happy, but if any changes do occur, please bare with me, because I will pay everyone.[/b2055a43037] I know everyone likes to be paid out early!

- [b2055a43037]All orders submitted on Saturday's by 1159pm CNT will be paid the following Monday.[/b2055a43037]
Hopefully this makes you guys very happy!

[i2055a43037]Please Note I will be checking for fraud on EVERY order, and if you get put on hold and we request an ID, just submit it and if everything is fine you will be put off hold. [/i2055a43037][/color2055a43037]

[i2055a43037][b2055a43037]Also, the Partial Credit Promo is going to be put off for a little since we are paying out weekly now, we hope to return that promo later on.

[b2055a43037][u2055a43037]PROMO #1)[/color2055a43037][/u2055a43037][/b2055a43037] [b2055a43037]I am bringing back the $3/$5 ON TOP OF EVERY REFERRAL!! Why don't I just do a referral contest people ask? Because I like the win-win situation for my users! Everybody wins this way![/b2055a43037]

- All users who get 5 or less referrals will get $3 on top of each referral upon approval.
- All users who get 5 or more referrals get bumped up to $5 per referral!
For example If a user had 7 referrals go green, they would get $5 ON TOP of each of their referrals upon approval
But if they had only 4 referrals go green, they would get $3 ON TOP of each of their referrals upon approval!
- [b2055a43037]Since it is SO much easier to go green now at RocketBills, this promo will be good for ALL of my users![/b2055a43037]
- This will run until the end of September, and if we get good comments on it I will extend it!

[u2055a43037]liliFor those who want to participate in this but did not get a chance to get in the FREE GREEN promo, I will make a deal with youlili[/u2055a43037]
[b2055a43037]For those wanting to participate in this promo and did not get a FREE GREEN in the earlier promo can either sign up under someone or[/b2055a43037]
1) Sign up UNREFFED and get 5 referrals to GO GREEN (Yes that is a lot, I know).
2) Send in a support ticket once this is done telling me you have done this and I will credit your account (Remember these are FOREVER GREENS!)

[i2055a43037]NOTE For people who are trying to do this FREE GREEN promo, you will not get $$ on top of your first 5 referrals, but after the 5th and after you get your green, we will give you money on top of your referrals after the 5th. For Example, a user is trying to get a free green and gets 5 referrals, they get their credit, and get 2 more referrals after that, they will get $5 for their 6th and 7th referral on top of their order![/i2055a43037]

[u2055a43037]PROMO #2)[/u2055a43037][/color2055a43037]
[b2055a43037]Whoever submits Proof Pictures of their payments in ALL 3 Forums (A4F, FLR, FIPG) and tells about their EXPERIENCE will receive an EXTRA $5 on top of their orders![/b2055a43037]

To those wishing to participate
1) Post proof pics on ALL 3 Forums (A4F, FLR, FIPG)
2) Send in a [u2055a43037]support ticket[/u2055a43037] with the correct links to all of the forums and label it "$5 Extra"
3) Open up Paypal and enjoy the extra $5 (Or you can take the $5 to McDonalds and get 5 Jr. Hamburgers)

[b2055a43037]Also, I have put a Live Chat in the Support tab on the home page, I will try and be on Live Chat as much as I can to answer everyone's questions! As most of you know, I have been on AIM support with my phone also and now this live chat as much as I can to give everyone quick responses. This is just another way is and has been trying to please their users![/color2055a43037][/b2055a43037]

I hope you enjoy all the changes and promotions I have to offer, PLEASE leave feedback because I ALWAYS listen to my users! Thanks and enjoy!

[b2055a43037]P.S.> has bought out, which means it is under the RocketBills company! Stay tuned for the LAUNCH of!! [/color2055a43037][/b2055a43037]


22-09-2007 10:28:13

Trying to fix some bugs in the script, no need to worry if there is any down time! Thanks!


22-09-2007 15:11:05

Loving the new design its right up there next to TRAINN in its professional look. Also the exclusive live chat feature built into the support is perfect, this site does have some of the best support and my 1 problem I had was sorted out in a very timely manner. Great crediting offers also. 5 out of 5


22-09-2007 15:43:07

Just signed up, would like to participate on the free green. i will get 5 refs (green) to waive me free! )


22-09-2007 21:30:09

So wait, we can't just get a free green by signing up unreferred like so many other sites?

EDIT Question answered, too bad it wasn't the answer I was hoping for. (


23-09-2007 13:42:13

I had a generous free green promo for a whole month a couple of months ago, sorry but if anyone wants a free green they have to sign up unreferred and get 5 referrals to go green. Thanks.


24-09-2007 08:30:30

Payments have been sent according to the new weekly schedule. Thanks.


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28-09-2007 09:56:17

RocketBills is the best!!! 24/7 support. Easy green!!! )


28-09-2007 11:49:25

Thank you for the kind words!