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17-09-2007 19:18:20

We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our network!
With this Grand Opening, there will be [b70b8ce8026]limited time[/b70b8ce8026] Promotions only!
Our site has been out since June, but have finally decided to release it to the public!
We currently pay [b70b8ce8026]$50/ref as a STANDARD ratio.[/b70b8ce8026] Unfortunately, we pay on a [b70b8ce8026]NET20[/b70b8ce8026] schedule, but in the future, it will sure change!

Come to our site and check us out! http//www.getit4free.net[]http//www.getit4free.net

Currently we have the sites as follows
http//games.getit4free.net[]http//games.getit4free.net - A site that pays $50. Come get your games and consoles here!

http//diy.getit4free.net[]http//diy.getit4free.net - A site that is based on points. I acknowledge that referrals are a struggle, however, with this site, you can complete it yourself! +15% Commission rate off of your referrals!

http//pimp.getit4free.net[]http//pimp.getit4free.net - A site that pays [b70b8ce8026]$100 a referral[/b70b8ce8026]. [b70b8ce8026]However, this site is not ready, but will be soon in the next couple of days.

There will be new promotions once a month, so keep yourself updated!
liliIn addition, we will allow partial credits[b70b8ce8026] ONCE A MONTH[/b70b8ce8026]. So whenever there is a referral hanging, you can get his partial credits!(I'll explain more on this later)

Now to move on to the promotions

Promo 1 [b70b8ce8026]Sign up unrefereed on any of our referral sites services and receive free credit to your offer requirements![/b70b8ce8026] -Simply open a support ticket asking to receive your free credit! (CURRENTLY ONLY the Games site and PIMP Site)

Promo 2 [b70b8ce8026] Sign up unrefereed on the DIY site and receive a free $10 PayPal upon order![/b70b8ce8026] -Simply open a support ticket asking to receive your free PayPal upon submission of order!

Don't think this is it, there is [b70b8ce8026]PLENTY[/b70b8ce8026] of more to come! New sites will be added, bugs and fixes will corrected (if you help us find them lol) Also, a new design should come soon as well! [b70b8ce8026] We only have 30+ offers, however, within a week, there should be another set of offers added! (I'm talking about 30+ more, which brings up to 60+). Offers will be updated and added daily.[/color70b8ce8026][/b70b8ce8026] Also, more prizes will be added to each of our sites! (There is only so many because, well, I got lazy, which shouldn't be happening x)

We work really hard to give our users the satisfaction they need. If you have any problems or need assistance, feel free to contact me at Gi4F support (AIM) or send us an e-mail at email==support@getit4free.netsupport@getit4free.net=support@getit4free.netsupport@getit4free.net/email.

Have any questions, feel free to contact gimme_m0e here, he will work with us soon after he gets approved.

Hope you enjoy your experience at Getit4Free!


18-09-2007 03:20:55

yay.. another new site with offers that have low credit amounts.


18-09-2007 08:23:03

I tried registering, but under the "Select a County" option there arent any countries listed.


18-09-2007 14:04:32

I saw your issue, and I talked to the owner and she told me it should be added now.


20-09-2007 20:50:11

I just checked their site, and realize they have more offers added!


24-09-2007 16:06:16

Just checked, and happy to see that they updated the prize selection! I hope they fix their offers though..


26-09-2007 16:47:15

Both promotions will end on [bb2296a3401]Sept 30[/bb2296a3401], that is only [bb2296a3401] 4[/bb2296a3401] more days! Hurry and sign up to get your free greens! Guys, I want to hear from you. If there is anything you want me to do, let me know and I'll be happy to take it in consideration.


28-09-2007 10:01:04

Signed up unreferred today. Free green please
Games #10
DIY #11
PimP #12



29-09-2007 20:31:27

Your free credit has been issued! D


20-10-2007 12:17:03

PRomotions have been extended until the end of November!
new gifts and new offers!