New Promotion! Get FREE GREENS for a testimonial!

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13-09-2007 21:32:16

Hey guys,

As you know, we recently re-designed our network. We also went through an tweaked a few things on the user side, so you'll notice some slight differences.

The main reason for this post, is that we will be placing a testimonial page up on the network, however, we need user testimonials before we can do that! That's where you come in.

[b8e530a10f4]The Promotion[/b8e530a10f4]

- For everyone who posts a proof pic with a small, one sentence testimonial in this forum, or email=, you will be rewarded with a free green on ANY site of ours you choose! You will need to sign-up [b8e530a10f4]UNREFERRED[/b8e530a10f4] to qualify. This is PERFECT for those who wanted to get a free green on one of our sites, but missed out on the opportunity to do so. To request your green, just submit a support ticket with this threads URL and request your free green!

[i8e530a10f4]For a list of our sites, visit[/i8e530a10f4]

This is an [b8e530a10f4]ongoing[/b8e530a10f4] promotion! We will update this thread periodically, so make sure you post up when you can!

We appreciate it!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies


15-09-2007 20:19:13

I'm lil confused. Can we just get free green by signing up "unreferred" or must post the pic???