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10-09-2007 19:10:37

Its been a while since I've been on the forums but I'm back to report some hopefully good news.. my friend and i made a gpt site

check it out - http//[]http// My friend and I finished it very recently - I scripted the entire thing from the ground up and he designed the site so I could really use some feedback.

For the nuts and bolts of the operation, minimum payout is $15 and we'll be paying weekly starting next month. I'm pretty psyched about the site because we have some cool promotion ideas when we get a little more money moving around. For now I'll just say it will definitely be in your benefit to have signed up earlier if you intend to participate.

oh and if you post on the forums about how we can make it better and just in general make yourself an 'active poster' we'll give you $10 extra this payout (in addition to whatever else you make).

So yeah tell me what you think and make some money 8)

UPDATE We have now officially started the first contest! It is a referral contest and the first place prize is an 8gb apple iPhone or $350 cash! We're out to break the bank to start the site off

Find out more info here![=http//]here!


11-09-2007 14:22:47

i just signed up my user name is roseyme
a very nice site you have, if all goes well i will get refs ot the site


11-09-2007 18:23:09

Thanks -)

..And if your referral doesn't get my message, tell her i changed her username to what she requested.


13-09-2007 06:15:13

We have just started our Referral contest last night!

First place is an 8gb iPhone or $350
Second place is an 8gb Touch iPod or $275
third place is 110 SparkPoints or $45 visa card
Fourth place is 110 SparkPoints or $45 visa card (depending on what is left)

Your rank in the status section is now live and showing for this contest! The original post can be found on our forums - HERE[=http//]HERE