URGENT: Ultimate Freebies NEW NO-CC SITE! $25 per ref!

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06-09-2007 22:01:50

Hello all,

I am proud to announce the latest addition to the Ultimate Freebies family Our [b16faca1e26]$25 per referral [i16faca1e26]No-CC Site[/b16faca1e26][/i16faca1e26]!


Our $25 per referral No-CC site has a great selection of offers and more are being added daily! This is a PERFECT opportunity to cash-in big for [b16faca1e26][i16faca1e26]FREE[/b16faca1e26][/i16faca1e26]! This is one of the [b16faca1e26]highest[/b16faca1e26] payout-per-referral No-CC sites out there!

As always, for the celebration of the launch of this great new site, we will be offering [b16faca1e26]FREE GREENS[/b16faca1e26] to all users who sign-up [b16faca1e26][i16faca1e26]UNREFERRED[/b16faca1e26][/i16faca1e26] and submit a support ticket requesting their green between today, [i16faca1e26]September 6th[/i16faca1e26] and Sunday, [i16faca1e26]September 9th[/i16faca1e26]!

[b16faca1e26][u16faca1e26]THIS PROMOTION IS ONLY EFFECTIVE FOR 3 DAYS, SO GET IN ON THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN![/b16faca1e26][/u16faca1e26]

Also, if any of you need quick answers, we now have 2 live support reps (in addition to myself) ready to assist you via AIM! You can reach us by the AIM handles below

[i16faca1e26]Bryan - FreebiesUltimate
Bill - UFSupport Bill
Vijay - UFSupport Vijay[/i16faca1e26]

We also acquired a new affiliate who has an awesome track record for crediting! All of our offers are now crediting at killer rates! [i16faca1e26]liRemember, we can no longer accept credit requests. We are working to have this function removed from our script, so please bear with us during this process.[/i16faca1e26]

Have fun with the new No-CC site guys!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies


08-09-2007 06:57:33

i'm new to these sites, how often do they pay?


08-09-2007 13:44:09

Where are the live reps? Also curious as to whn payout is....??? thanks


08-09-2007 20:12:18

signed up.


08-09-2007 21:34:49

signed up. Thanks!


10-09-2007 08:16:23

[quotea505dfaebf="ksuwildcat1964"]Where are the live reps? Also curious as to whn payout is....??? thanks[/quotea505dfaebf]

Live reps are usually online in the evening hours, around 3PM-1AM. Payouts are every Sunday. Submit by the previous Sunday to receive payout following Sunday.


We will be extending this free green promotion for FiPG users only until Tuesday, Sept 11th! Just sign up unreferred and submit a support ticket requesting your free green!