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05-09-2007 19:07:03

I have created a new site to go along with http//4freestore.com[]http//4freestore.com

The new ipods just came out and I absolutely love them. I think they are the best thing apple has ever made so why not get one for free?

The new site is http//ipodtouch.4freestore.com

As with my last site opening the first twenty users to join will get free credit.



05-09-2007 19:17:07

support is mighty quick on this site!


05-09-2007 19:31:22

Right now i have about 86 offers up. I will have another 49 up by Friday


05-09-2007 19:58:01

hey i want a free green! but i couldn't find how many refs you need for each prize...i really want to sign up, but i want to know that info before i do. so can you please tell me. thanks.


06-09-2007 04:33:50

tarokako sorry it does not say the amount of refs on the main page i will add that shortly.

Right now this is what they are.

8gb touch -8
16gb touch -10
iphone - 10
80 gb ipod classic - 7
160 gb ipod classic - 9
4gb ipod nano - 4
8gb ipod nano - 5
1gb ipod shuffle - 2

sorry for this i will change the layout of the main page to have this information.


06-09-2007 06:01:43

hey thanks 4freestore! i will sign up.


06-09-2007 12:33:34

your welcome

All sites now show how much ref's each item is on the main page.


07-09-2007 09:42:41

any free greens left?


08-09-2007 08:36:56

momsdirect all the free greens have been used sorry