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05-09-2007 18:48:07

We are in such a good mood we are now allowing the combination of .5 credit referrals on ALL sites

And thats not all! All sites except the ps3 site are now $50 per referral on all levels, open a support ticket with which forum you're from and we can help calculate your super rate for ya!!

If you already cashed you, you can not combine your half credit referrals, and half credit referrals can not be combined across sites.

This will last till the end of the month!!

Ps. Don't forget about the ps3 site which is $90/referral. Get a ps3 for 6 referrals!!


06-09-2007 19:56:58

We can combine credits now and you are paying $50/ref until the end of the month?! AWESOME! I WILL SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY!