MoneyBonanzas! ProofPic Promo Winners! September promo!

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04-09-2007 21:13:36


We would like to announce that the winners of our Proof Picture Promotion have been awarded their prizes. Our top winner received a prize of $100,[/colorfe9f2a8c0b] while our other 2 winners received $25 just for taking 10 minutes out of their time to submit their proof pictures!
As a result, we would like to introduce our new Proof Picture Promotion. The rules will be exactly similar, but the prize amounts will be increased!

After you have received your gift from MoneyBonanzas, send a proofshot to with the e-mail address you used when you signed up or your referral link. This proof shot will then be posted on our website. Then, post on these 3 forums
FreeIpodGuide Forums[=http//]FreeIpodGuide Forums
Anything4Free Forums[=http//]Anything4Free Forums
FreeLunchRoom Forums[=http//]FreeLunchRoom Forums

In the post, be sure to include the proof shot. Show us your posts by including the links in your e-mail. For every 16 users who complete this, there will be a random drawing and one lucky user will win $75 for just submitting proof pictures![/sizefe9f2a8c0b]. Another 2 users will win $50. Another 2 users will win $25. Over 30% of our participants will be winners! [/sizefe9f2a8c0b] For about 10 minutes of your time, you have an awesome probability of winning a prize, with the least amount being $25

Also, we still have our monthly rewards for members who are able to obtain the most referrals during September. The winners will have the following amounts added on top of their order

1st prize $150 PayPal!
[bfe9f2a8c0b]1st place winners receive $45 instead of $40 for every referral on the Cash website and $90 instead of $80 for ever referral on the Gifts website![/bfe9f2a8c0b]
2nd prize $125 PayPal!
3rd prize $50 PayPal!
4th prize $25 PayPal!
5th prize $25 PayPal!
6th prize $25 PayPal![/sizefe9f2a8c0b]

Users must have a minimum of 8 referrals signed up within the month of September to qualify. As always, 1 referral on the Cash website will count as 1 referral for this contest, while 1 referral on the Gifts website will count as 2 referrals for this contest.

Happy referral hunting!