MoneyBonanzas Promotion! Tons of offers just added!!

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04-09-2007 21:00:53


If you have never heard of our network before, we want you to know that MoneyBonanzas is a network dedicated to treating our members well. No support ticket, instant message, or e-mail is ever left unanswered. We understand that communication is one of the most important attributes of a great network, and we stress our commitment to supporting our members and answering all inquiries.

We have been open for nearly 3 months and we are continuing to grow! We want to inform members here at FIPG that we have just added a ton of new offers (within hours ago), totaling our offer count to 130![/colorfa6f79b00c] [/sizefa6f79b00c] If you want a preview of these offers, you can click here! [=http//]here! Please be aware that you will not be able to click the links to the actual offer pages unless you register.

If you are a veteran member who feels that they are running low on offers, or if you simply do not want to complete offers, you are not left out! You may choose to get a free green by simply submitting a support ticket![/colorfa6f79b00c][/sizefa6f79b00c] Register if you believe our wide range of offers will make it easier for your referrals to go green quickly. All of our greens at MoneyBonanzas last forever[/sizefa6f79b00c][/colorfa6f79b00c], so even when you order multiple prizes, you will never have to complete an offer during the duration of your membership!

If you are interested in these offers and want to earn a cash bonus, then you may choose to complete the offer requirements yourself and receive a $20 bonus[/colorfa6f79b00c][/sizefa6f79b00c] when you cash out with referrals! All you need to do is submit a support ticket when you are ready.

Please be aware that for both of these options, you must sign up [bfa6f79b00c]unreferred.[/bfa6f79b00c]

If you run into any questions, feel free to contact us by one of the following methods below

AIM moneybonanzas
Yahoo Messenger moneybonanzas
Support Ticket or our Home Contact Page

We will try and answer your questions as quickly as we can.

Thanks! D D D


08-09-2007 12:36:43

Just added some more offers!

Sign up and look for yourself! Get a free green while you're at it! D
You can view all of our ongoing promotions by clicking here[=http//]here

We have two sites Our Cash site[=http//]Cash site ($40 per referral) and our Gifts site[=http//]Gifts site ($80 per referral). Check them out!


17-09-2007 14:42:03

bump! Free greens still available!


26-09-2007 14:31:19

End of the month is approaching!

Get your free green while it is still available!


28-09-2007 10:41:50

Signed up on CAsh #1010

Free Green please.



28-09-2007 12:13:20

You've just been credited,

Thanks for registering!


28-09-2007 13:01:17

I signed up too..... 1011. Thanks!