Key2Free now $50/ref.. but no change in offer weight!

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04-09-2007 06:53:56

Thats right, Key2Free is now paying out $50.00 per referral, but the offer weights didn't change (except the fact that the are not fractions anymore which allows me to add many more offers!).

I have some neat offers up, and expect cooler ones coming soon! I also threw up some submission offers in case any of your refs are struggling to finish.

So instead of getting paid $40/ref elsewhere, you can get paid $50 a ref at Key2Free and have your referral do the same amount of offers!

Order dated September 3rd of before will be paid out at $40/ref still, but from now on, its $50/ref! Now's the time to start bringing home the money.

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Next 15 people who sign up get their offer requirements waived.

Thank You,