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02-09-2007 23:24:19[] VS.[]
Mo-Buks and 4freestore decided to hold a comptetion to see which site will be the first to get 75 users starting today (Labor Day) lasting till the end of September!!

The first site to get [bcb2778fb15]75 users wins[/bcb2778fb15] and every member of the site will get an [bcb2778fb15]additional $5[/bcb2778fb15] when they place their order.

So, let me explain this one more time. Once we have found out our winner every member of the winning site will get an extra 5$ when you order. This means more then $375 worth of prizes will be handed out just for signing up.

You do not have to be unreferred to recieve the bonus. The 5$ bonus is open to everyone, referred or not. Also, there is NO limitation to only signing up for one site, you are free to sign up for both sites.

Also since today is labor day we decided to add [bcb2778fb15]another promo[/bcb2778fb15] to this competition. The user with the most completed referrals will recieve an [bcb2778fb15]extra 10$[/bcb2778fb15] when they order!

I would like to say Good Luck to both teams and ENJOY this friendly competition between[] and[]


03-09-2007 12:03:20

Hello there everyone we are having problems with our domain name since it is very similar to another site. So we decided to change our domain name to hopefully this process will be done quickly .

So dont worry mo-bux did not shutdown, we are still open for all users as soon as is activated.

Sorry for this inconvenience


03-09-2007 16:05:01

Hi, no need to worry anymore guys i got the site back up. So everything is back to normal. If you have anyproblems feel free to reply or contact us on aim at (MoBuks Support)


05-09-2007 11:08:05

If anyone has any questions you can contact us on aim at (mobuks support) or (mobux support). thank you