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02-09-2007 19:16:55


This site has 1 offer, yes 1. It's a poker offer. It's open to US citizens.

The site works as follows

You sign up, complete the offer (only costs $20.00, and it's well spent since if you are good at poker, you'll win even more!).

You now have 1 credit that will count towards the drawing. However, you can gain more by referring people to the site. For example, schizerbone can complete the offer, and refer 9 more people, so he will have a total of 10 credits. SaraLovely can complete the offer, but only refer 8 people, so she will have 9 credits. Schizerbone would have a bigger chance of winning for the week.

What does he win you ask?
Each sunday night, a drawing will be held. I will put the numbers into an online number picker thing, and pull 3. The prizes are
1st place $100.00
2nd place $50.00
3rd place $25.00
All others $20.00

Payments are sent on monday. There must be at least 5 user entries into the drawing to count, if not, it will be carried over to the next week.

After the drawing, all credits are reset. However, the same user(s) can win week after week.

What do you have to lose? Nothing!

If you have any questions, just ask, hopefully this wasn't confusing.



05-09-2007 15:19:07

need 4 more users for this week's drawing to count or it gets combined with next weeks!


05-09-2007 21:44:16



07-09-2007 09:40:24

Do you know if you can play texas hold 'em on that site? Or is it just the new Duplicate Poker game?


10-09-2007 14:36:22

Not sure.

Drawing extended until next sunday