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02-09-2007 12:55:03

Hello everyone, I am here to announce the launch of our new site[]

We are a free stuff site which offers you $60/ref! We use the 1 credit system so that it is easier for you to complete your offer requirements as well as for your referrals also. We are happy to say that we will be [bb3a1240172]paying out bi-weekly [/bb3a1240172]to our customers. In addition to that we will be having [bb3a1240172]new promotions every 15 days[/bb3a1240172] so that you have an extra incentive to joining MO-BUKS. D

We are here to help our users and make their experience with our website as simple as possible! Feel free to ask questions or give any suggestions. You can either submit a support ticket or contact us on AIM (MoBuks Support) and we will be happy to serve you!

Now with that being said letís move on to our Promotions which will last during the month of September.

[bb3a1240172]PROMO #1[/bb3a1240172]
Sign up un-referred today and receive an extra [bb3a1240172]$25 cash bonus[/bb3a1240172] when you order.

[bb3a1240172]PROMO #2[/bb3a1240172]
User's who cash out from our site from August 25, 2007 to September 25, 2007 can earn an [bb3a1240172]additional $5[/bb3a1240172] for providing a screen shot of payment and writing a testimonial about your experience with us in a support ticket (will be posted in proof pictures). Once support ticket received you will be sent the additional funds. To qualify for this promotion you must order and post a support ticket with information from above between August 25, 2007 and September 25, 2007.

[bb3a1240172]PROMO #3[/bb3a1240172]
Instead of recieving the extra $25 cash bonus from promo #1, we will give you [bb3a1240172]1 Free Green (worth $60)[/bb3a1240172] by waiving your offer requirement if you sign-up un-referred and complete a minimum of 4 referrals. To recieve this promo open up a support ticket entitled "FIG Free Green." This promo is limited to the first 10 people only.

Good Luck to all and Enjoy the promos while they last. Next promo will be posted at the end of September.

Feel free to ask us any questions.


03-09-2007 12:02:41

Hello there everyone we are having problems with our domain name since it is very similar to another site. So we decided to change our domain name to hopefully this process will be done quickly .

So dont worry mo-bux did not shutdown, we are still open for all users as soon as is activated.

Sorry for this inconvenience


03-09-2007 16:05:26

Hi, no need to worry anymore guys i got the site back up. So everything is back to normal. If you have anyproblems feel free to reply or contact us on aim at (MoBuks Support)


03-09-2007 16:38:59

3-4 regular offers for $60? No thanks... You can just do 3-4 sites and get $120-$160 there... Besides that, you only edited the script the slightest bit, that doesn't make it look like you're planning on going big or anything. Your offer selection is not good at all, very small and has a lot of OODs(hard/expensive offers). Overall the site doesn't have a good offer selection, it's kind of hard to trust somebody with 0 TR and signed up just to promote his site, and the site layout is very cheesy because the $100 bills theme is so overused.


03-09-2007 16:53:47

First, id like to say Im sorry you didnt like the 100$ bill theme, but everyone has their own opinions. And about our offers we have 65+ and more then half are cheap offers. Also we will be adding more offers this week if that pleases you. About our design, this is temporary we will be changing this pretty soon. Thank you for your opinion Diablo. and it is not 3-4 offers for 60$ it is 4 referrals so nothing is coming out of your pocket but instead saving on meeting your offer requirements.


05-09-2007 11:07:48

If anyone has any questions you can contact us on aim at (mobuks support) or (mobux support). thank you


14-09-2007 08:37:14

You might want to make it a bit easier to figure out how to sign up


15-09-2007 13:23:10

[quote077825104a="pqdrummer"]You might want to make it a bit easier to figure out how to sign up[/quote077825104a]

Sorry about that we are currently under construction and hope to be back up by this friday.