New Full credit no cc offer! At!

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31-08-2007 15:16:33


we have a brand new offer, and I want to let you know that, because I think it's a wonderful offer!

The offer name is [b565aadec59]Funding Factory[/b565aadec59]

This is a no cc offer and a full credit one, like each offer on our site.

Description of the offer

[i565aadec59]Earn cash for your school or nonprofit group by collecting used printer cartridges and cell phones.[/i565aadec59]

If you know a group of person, or at you're school, you can collect old cell phone, cartridges and get money in return. With this money, you can buy some product at and more.

To credit, you have to sign up and send them a box of old cartridges and/or cell phone.

Get you're credit, help someone and earn cash!

I think it's the best offer! Available on all our sites!

- Carl