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30-08-2007 18:58:36

Hi there everyone.

I would like to somewhat announce that FMSfreebies is open! lol. Its been open for a few months now, but I've had some problems the last month, and the site ended up being offline for almost a week. But we're back now!

- We also have a 15% referral commission!

- Weekly payments (But we are known to do Instant Payments too!)

- $5 minimum payout for the DIY site.

- Payments are sent via PayPal, AlertPay, and MoneyBookers.

- Offers are credited usually within a few hours. If you catch me while im online, I usually credit them within a half hour. But there may be times when it'll take up to a day or two. (If I go away for a short vacation or something of that nature)


Oh and I will be constantly adding offers. Right now we have a ton of free offers. I will also be adding some more trial offers.

1 more thing! Don't forget to clear your cookies after every offer! That will greatly increase the odds of you getting credit! I also clear the cache when doing offers. I don't know if thats necessary, but to be on the safe side of things, I would do that also. And don't forget to use a different email for the email submits.


02-09-2007 16:38:57

When you say email/zip submits, you just submit the first page and thats it? You can close it and it will credit? Also nice site


02-09-2007 20:17:59

yup. when you sign up, and go to click an offer, there is a little box that pops up. It will describe the offer, and give instructions. )


19-01-2008 10:05:41

We now offer weekly payouts! Cash out by Friday, paid by the following Friday! (payments are usually sent out Thursday night) This includes ALL sites, even the DIY site!


22-01-2008 21:51:01

This site is great I have received to date around $500 if anyone is interested please send my a pm .

This site has fast crediting great offers and support Grade A site all the Way !



02-02-2008 13:19:25

Just put up some new offers.

- Netflix - Pays $10 (and 1/2 credit on referral-based sites)
- E-Poll - Pays $0.50
- Free Career Info - Pays $1
- - Pays $1.75

And many more!



09-02-2008 12:30:35

Even more free offers up.

AccuQuote- $7.50
Your College Degree - $4.00
OneStepTaxAdvice - $2.50

And remember, FAST weekly payouts!


12-02-2008 13:28:01

More new, free, one page offers added!

ABC Auto Loans - Pays $3
National Debt Relievers - Pays $3


25-02-2008 13:29:20

Almost the whole first page of offers on the DIY site can be done without using a credit card! Check it out!



02-03-2008 11:57:07

AccuQuote is back up! It pays $8.25 on the DIY site, and is 1/3 credit on the other three sites!


12-03-2008 20:44:56

New FREE, No CC offer Best EDU Search - Pays $5 on the DIY site, and is 1/3 credit on all referral-based sites.


16-03-2008 11:09:41

New Payment Options AlertPay and MoneyBookers


01-04-2008 14:34:51

Offers are now organized by country!

Example if you live in the US, you will see US offers. If you live in the UK, you will see UK offers!

New Offer...
[b003e0da6c4]Everest College [/b003e0da6c4]- Pays $3.25


07-04-2008 13:03:39

FMSfreebies now has a brand new design! Check it out!



14-04-2008 13:10:32

A few new email submits have been added, along with a proof section.

- eBay Shopping Spress (1 page submit) - Pays $0.50
- - $250 (email submit) - Pays $0.50
- $1500 - First Page Submit - Pays $0.50
- [Email Submit] - Toshiba Laptop - Pays $0.50



20-05-2008 18:29:39

We recently experienced some downtime. I apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused.

To make up for it, we have lowered our payout to only [b3107f0e952]$5[/b3107f0e952], and raised the referral commission to [b3107f0e952]20%[/b3107f0e952]! Now is the absolute best time EVER to sign up! Payments are still sent every Friday!



11-06-2008 19:55:46

Payout is still only $5, but it will be raised back up to $10 soon.

Recently added on http// ,

- Legal Helpers- Pays $4.00
- Elitemate - Pays $1.25

Top Performing offers...

New Car Quote - Pays $1.50
New Car Plus - Pays $1.00
ETStan - Pays $1.00


16-07-2008 11:55:38

Instant Payments until the end of this week! Sign up and complete some offers now! )


14-08-2008 15:45:52

We've decided to continue instant payments due to the increase in traffic! Thanks everyone!