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26-08-2007 22:18:15

Hello all,

We would like to announce that Ultimate Freebies recently acquired the FreeKomputers network! We took the site and revamped it, added tons of prizes and updated all offers on the network. It is now ready to be launched to all![]

FreeKomputers is an $80 per ref site. 2 credits will get you your green! The prizes range from the latest full-blown desktop and laptop computers to printers and accessories to PayPal.

To celebrate the re-launch and us acquiring this network, we will be doing an old fashioned [b82db2da81b]FREE GREEN[/b82db2da81b] promotion [i82db2da81b]until September 1st[/i82db2da81b]! This green is worth [b82db2da81b]$80[/b82db2da81b]! To get your [b82db2da81b]FREE GREEN[/b82db2da81b], just sign up [i82db2da81b]UNREFERRED[/i82db2da81b] and submit a ticket requesting your green!

As this is now owned and operated by us, all of our Terms and other policies still apply.

Also, the entire Ultimate Freebies network will be getting a HUGE facelift this week. Should there be any downtime, we will let you know, however, get ready for a complete makeover!

Thanks for continuing to choose Ultimate Freebies, and enjoy the re-launch of!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies


27-08-2007 08:02:58

Signed up and submitted support ticket for free green. Ref ID 71.



27-08-2007 12:20:11

Free credit has been applied )


28-08-2007 08:38:46

Do you guys renew the green?