[GiftOrb Network] Super Promos! A SITE JUST FOR PROMOS!

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23-08-2007 16:31:43

We finally opened a site just for promotions! Check it out at http//www.promo.giftorb.com[/sized052199bbc]

This site has ALL NO-CC offers which includes ton of easy zip submits and email submits too!

[bd052199bbc]How it works[/bd052199bbc]
You complete different offers to get a raffle tickets.
Enter raffle tickets to win a prize.
Current raffle item New iPod Shuffle!
Drawing will be held on Sept. 15th

-[bd052199bbc]GOOD NEWS! MORE PROMOS! [/bd052199bbc]
We are giving away 1/2 free credit to EVERYONE on our brand new promo site! Simply open a support ticket and mention the "FiPG Free 1/2 Credit Promo".

-As another promo, we are also giving away [bd052199bbc]FREE GREENS [/bd052199bbc]on [bd052199bbc]ALL OUR OTHER SITES! [/bd052199bbc] Simply sign up unreferred and open a support ticket with the title "FiPG Free Green".


24-08-2007 20:35:03

Bump! We only have 1 entry so far. This means if you enter, you will have a 50% chance of winning an iPod Shuffle! All you have to do is Non Credit Card Offer(s)

Come and get em!


26-08-2007 22:22:20

Bump! Don't forget, we are still offering free greens to ALL our sites!


29-08-2007 08:32:03



30-08-2007 06:12:44

Who wants a free iPod Shuffle? Get your free raffle ticket today by doing a NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED offer! Yay!


30-08-2007 08:42:05

Signed up! Thanks!


31-08-2007 22:21:27

[quotee929be6b89="zr2152"]Signed up! Thanks![/quotee929be6b89]



03-09-2007 15:24:54

We STILL only have 1 entry to the raffle! Join the site, complete a no-cc offer, and get your raffle today!

Remember, we are still giving away .5 credits to our promo site, and full free credits on all our other sites. Enjoy!