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23-08-2007 11:35:38

[bb8151fbec6]Yes! We want to pay you for your hard earned effort![/colorb8151fbec6][/bb8151fbec6]

For whatever reason, sometimes a referral will not go green for you, maybe a newbie realizes this is "not for them" completes a partial credit, and abandons the site.

Maybe an offer has not credited, and our request for credit is denied by our affiliates, and you have partially completed referrals hanging out there.

[bb8151fbec6]We want to fix that![/colorb8151fbec6][/bb8151fbec6]

As long as you have enough combined credits to complete whatever prize you select, you will be able to order your prize! (example Sony PSP requires 5 referrals. 5 referrals = 5 credits. So as long as you have 5 credits completed among your combined referrals, we would allow you to order your Sony PSP)

[bb8151fbec6]This is NOT a temporary policy. This will be our standard policy. Get the required credits...get your prize![/colorb8151fbec6][/bb8151fbec6]

We want you to refer our site and we want to send out record numbers of prizes!
"GREAT"[/colorb8151fbec6][/bb8151fbec6], You say...."but I'm one of the accounts that couldn't green for my referrer. I have completed offers and credit has been denied by the affiliate?" "What's in it for me?" My referrer gets their prize...but all I have is my Gevalia Coffee and no referral cash!" evil

[bb8151fbec6]We thought of that too![/colorb8151fbec6][/bb8151fbec6] If your referrer uses your partial credit, we will issue you a "Partial Used Credit" to complete your green status. You will know your referrer has cashed out your partial credit. You are now green, and can go on to refer others and claim your own prizes....ALSO...and this is a big also...our site has special "WishWizzard Bonus Offers" These offers are 100% free to complete and you can use them to put money into your pay pal you can get that referral cash after get it from!

We are intent on being the "safe site" to use....Freebie sites aren't perfect...credits don't always happen...we've thought of a way for everyone to get their "Wish" for free prizes! That's why we are WishWizzard....Everyone WINS!

[bb8151fbec6]We are still running our Grand Opening promotion 1st 100 un-referred accounts get free green![/colorb8151fbec6][/bb8151fbec6]

Sign up, get your green, and get your prize!


25-08-2007 13:01:47

Please send us some feedback. Do you think this policy is a good thing?