**NEW SITE** www.itsyours4free.net **FREE PROMO GREENS**

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22-08-2007 20:07:28


My name is Jordan and I am the co-owner of www.itsyours4free.net along with my brother, Jason.

As the grand opening of our website to the public we have decided to give out free promo-greens. The first 25 to signup unreffered gets a free green. To claim your free green, send a support ticket saying "FreeIpodGuide member requesting a free promo green." I will let you all know when all 25 have received their green.

And thats not all. The first 10 people to cash out for a prize that is more than 1 referral, will receive $15 extra for free. You must have paypal, and will need to send a support ticket requesting the 15 dollars. Remember only the first 10 will receive this deal so be quick!

We send out all cash prizes every Friday, while all other prizes are sent out the 15th and the 30th of every month. If one of those days lands on a sunday we will ship it out the next day.

Come check us out at www.itsyours4free.net


23-08-2007 06:31:48



23-08-2007 11:26:28

Signed up. Submitted a support ticket.


23-08-2007 11:30:30

Few questions though

Can you order an unlimited amount of times?

Is your green good for life?


23-08-2007 12:40:47

You can only cash out once per site. Since there is only one site on my network so far, you can only cash out once. I plan on adding more sites soon.

UPDATE 4 users so far have received a free green.
21 more to go.


23-08-2007 13:19:26

How did you hear about Freebie Sites if you just signed up!?!?


23-08-2007 13:40:11

[quoteb43e1418d5="turbohim"]How did you hear about Freebie Sites if you just signed up!?!?[/quoteb43e1418d5]

Other forums??


23-08-2007 18:17:44

I am a member of www.anything4free.com . I am very familiar with the freebie scene.


24-08-2007 15:02:50

[quote7f1bf0b77b="turbohim"]How did you hear about Freebie Sites if you just signed up!?!?[/quote7f1bf0b77b]

Only a TR of 11 on A4F and been a member since april, and mostly site for site trades


24-08-2007 20:14:50

I fail to see your point, Russ. Having a large amount of TR only means you are a good trader. It does not decide if a site owner is legit or not. I have been doing DIY sites for 2 years, and Referral sites for a year before I even discovered A4F. I know how everything works and I know what it takes to be a good site owner.


25-08-2007 12:19:55

i signed up for ur site and cant login.can u fix the problem.i PMed u with my account details


25-08-2007 13:45:45

I never received your PM. I uploaded a php.ini file into the user directory. It should be fixed. If it is not, please tell me what error you are getting so I can try something else to fix it.


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27-08-2007 19:58:12

Bump! My site is easy to complete with many easy offers. We have 21 more free greens to give out!


28-08-2007 18:09:33

I want a free green! I am signing up now!


28-08-2007 18:38:01

Your have received your free green. 5 free promo greens have been sent out. 20 more to go!


28-08-2007 19:00:42

Thanks for the free green!!! Awesome!!


03-09-2007 13:04:51

49 users signed up so far, with 5 promo greens given out. )

EDIT Now 51 users have signed up, with 7 promo greens given out. 18 more promo greens left. Get them while you can!


03-09-2007 13:30:37

when do you pay?


03-09-2007 13:50:31

Every friday for cash prizes, and every 15th and 30th for non-cash prizes.


05-09-2007 18:04:53



14-09-2007 08:28:47

I'm alway sup for a free green. Just submitted a support ticket


29-09-2007 20:03:19



03-10-2007 11:04:03

Just signed up. sent in Support Ticket.



03-10-2007 12:40:05

Signed up and submitted ticket!!! )

Ref #128

Thx a bunch!


04-10-2007 00:00:05

not open to Canadians ?


04-10-2007 12:25:21

[quote661cc18684="babetran"]Signed up and submitted ticket!!! )

Ref #128

Thx a bunch![/quote661cc18684]

I haven't received my free green! (