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21-08-2007 22:04:37

[b2a5b65a78e]This is the official payment proof thread for[/size2a5b65a78e][/b2a5b65a78e][/color2a5b65a78e]
This thread will contain weekly screenshots of paypal payments sent out to users each Tuesday.

For all users
If you post a screenshot of your payment in this thread you will recieve a FREE $5 via paypal given out throughout the week, not just Tuesday.

[u2a5b65a78e][b2a5b65a78e]To post a screenshot [/b2a5b65a78e][/u2a5b65a78e]
1. Include your information in the post (ie your [i2a5b65a78e] user ID[/i2a5b65a78e])
2. Go to the transaction page in paypal that shows my payment to you
3. Press Print Screen on your keyboard
4. Open up MS Paint (via Start Menu -> Accessories)
5. Paste and edit the picture
6. Save the picture to your computer
7. Upload the picture to an online host
8. Copy the IMG url into a post

lili To recieve the $5 gift quicker, email= me at me at and I will immediately review the post lili[/size2a5b65a78e][/color2a5b65a78e]

[u2a5b65a78e]Last Week Paypal Payment = $270[/size2a5b65a78e][/u2a5b65a78e][/color2a5b65a78e]

http//[" alt=""/img2a5b65a78e]

[color=red2a5b65a78e][i2a5b65a78e][b2a5b65a78e]Next Payout - Tuesday August 28[/b2a5b65a78e][/i2a5b65a78e][/color2a5b65a78e]


22-08-2007 11:40:58

http//[" alt=""/imgb93350a3ea][=http//][img="b93350a3ea]http//[" alt=""/imgb93350a3ea][/url]


23-08-2007 09:31:52

i received payout
http//[" alt=""/img488adb8a80] user ID72


23-08-2007 09:44:56

check screenshot
http/" alt=""/img14.img="[" alt=""/img76a178b44f]


26-08-2007 14:01:32

Payout coming soon!!! Tuesday payout includes all orders submitted by Monday night.[/sizea741ca9963]