RewardzNetwork Releases A Points Site!

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18-08-2007 21:46:55

[b6e9ffa8061]Thats right, we promised some big news and here's some of it! Don't think this is it, theres still more to come!

We are releasing http//[]http//![/b6e9ffa8061]
This site has been being worked on for almost a month now perfecting it, everything should be running smoothly. This site wasn't supposed to come out for another few weeks but we decided to release it.

-We have 130+ offers, including International ones (clearly marked to make it easier) and No-CC ones. Soon we will have even more offers because we are not done adding yet. Click http//[]http// to view the offers!

-Payments are sent within 24hrs-2 weeks. Approval can range from 1 hour-2 weeks, it all depends on the circumstances with your account and refs.

-We have live help (http//[]http// for users that do not have AIM, and AIM support for users that do, (RNSupportJay & RNSupportJoe) Support tickets and emails are usually replied within a few minutes to a few hours.

If you have any questions I am online via aim and live help currently!

Have fun,
Jay D


19-08-2007 19:45:50

Still lots of spots!


22-08-2007 00:42:49

Still a few more spots!