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14-08-2007 17:20:37

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17-08-2007 03:09:24

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17-08-2007 05:42:53

This is becoming a regular theme around here. I'm not passing judgment on this post just yet, but I am going to remind folks of a few things that aren't allowed here, because a lot of these latest "money making" ventures fall into one of these categories

1. Peddling of pyramid, matrix, Ponzi or any other such schemes are strictly forbidden.

2. DIY site opportunities are not to be traded or sold here.

3. Business ventures outside of freebie sites and personal, tangible For Sale/eBay auctions are not allowed unless you work out an advertising agreement with FiPG staff.

FiPG is a community that specializes in discussing and helping folks understand and complete incentivized marketing sites, i.e. freebie sites. It is not otherwise a platform for revenue generation, "get rich quick" schemes, and the like. If you have some freebie knowledge, such as for new sites, DIY's, etc. then you are encouraged to share it freely. Otherwise it's usually best to keep it to yourself.

If you're just promoting another freebie site, then it's probably not a secret anyway and should be shared, since that is the purpose here. If you're promoting any other sort of business, then FiPG is not a free advertising vehicle. Anybody caught pushing disallowed schemes or otherwise mis-using the forum will be dealt with.