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12-08-2007 16:18:58

has anyone heard from this site?
I was approved 6/11 and told it would ship. then the whole change in manual credit and delayed payment came about. He told me it would ship by the end of June. 2 months since I was approved I have no cash.
He closed one of my support tickets without answering it a few weeks ago but i have heard nothing.
Anyone heard anything?


13-08-2007 03:39:57

Actually Lookatmeimfree aimed a few days ago on aim, which is the guy who just sold the Key2free network to sum1 on here if I'm not mistaking. He aimed me an I said don't you owe people money and he signed off, and signed back on the sn called bigredboss, who ever bought Keys2free knows which sn I'm talking about. Well anyways the person who sold Keys2free is playing as if he sold Lookatmeimfree to someone else back in March but he really didn't he just dodging people to my knowledge. But I could be wrong but yea. wink


14-08-2007 06:20:52

anyone have an address for this person? please pm it to me and do not post it here
looking for a business address or phone #