FREE GREENS! New Site - $80 PER REF! Promo Inside!

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10-08-2007 22:15:05

[b80b1d8399d]It’s Finally Here Ultimate Freebies releases $80 per referral site![/b80b1d8399d][/color80b1d8399d]

We here at Ultimate Freebies are proud to announce the launch of our latest site 80 @ Ultimate Freebies[=http//]80 @ Ultimate Freebies! The public demanded it and their demands have been answered! Each referral is worth a whopping $80! While users will need to complete 2 credits to fulfill their requirements at this site, they will need to obtain less referrals to cashout big!

To celebrate the launch of this site, we are doing two things

1) [b80b1d8399d]Free Greens[/b80b1d8399d][/color80b1d8399d] until August 18th. Just sign up and submit a support ticket requesting your free green! Grab these ones FAST, as it is as good as getting $80 in your hand for FREE!


2) Two lucky users will walk away with $80 in their pocket for doing almost [b80b1d8399d]NOTHING[/b80b1d8399d]! You’re wondering, “How do I get a shot at the $80?” Simply sign-up at our site and request your free green. We will compile the list of all users who have requested free greens and randomly select 2 users (using a random number generator). Those 2 users will walk away with $80 in cash for doing literally [b80b1d8399d]NOTHING[/b80b1d8399d]!

liThis promotion will be ran at the A4F, FLR, and FiPG trading forums.

Get in on the excitement now at Ultimate Freebies!

Some other exciting news

- We are launching new sites for the next 4 weeks almost each week with a completely new promotion each time.
- We will be moving to a weekly pay schedule beginning early September. Payout days will generally fall on a Sunday each week, with orders due in the previous Sunday to be eligible.
- We acquired a new network We are in the process of rebuilding that network and re-launching it. More details coming soon.

Thanks for choosing Ultimate Freebies! Enjoy our new site and new promotion!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies


10-08-2007 23:53:39

Hi just letting you know I tried to signup on it but it would not let me select my country thanks.


11-08-2007 03:56:13

[quote21d6121449="darock76"]Hi just letting you know I tried to signup on it but it would not let me select my country thanks.[/quote21d6121449]

It has been fixed )


12-08-2007 09:39:06

Grab more of those free $80 greens while they're left )


15-08-2007 11:00:51

Only 4 days left!


19-08-2007 12:03:11

Unfortunately, the free credit promotion for is over. We will compile a list for the next couple days, and on Wednesday, will select (2) winners who will be chosen via LotsofLotto, a random number generator.

We will contact those winners and post the results on all forums. Users have (7) days to claim their prize, or they forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen.


21-08-2007 21:35:23

Contest winners will be drawn and announced tomorrow....

Lookout for some more promotions early next week )