FMSfreebies Downtime. Please Be Patient.

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09-08-2007 16:55:12

FMSfreebies is down, and will remain down until we settle a transaction with PayPal.

My account says it is suspended, but in reality its kind of on a temporary hold. I was in the process of selling my site, but I got scammed in the process. I'm 99% sure the person buying my site wasn't who they said they were. My PayPal funds they sent me were put on hold, and when I went to contact the person who sent me the money, they didn't even know about the transaction.

So I contacted HostICan, and they suspended my account, until I contact them again. The guy from HostICan (my hosting) told me to wait until the funds reverse, or go to my PayPal account, whichever ends up happening, then contact them, and they will put the site back up.

The person no longer has access to FMSfreebies, but he did have access at one point, so he changed all the passwords and whatnot, so thats why I had to get the site suspended. They said they will be able to get my site back to me, the way it was before I handed it over to him.

So everyone, please just be patient.

Thank you,