Looking to hire support reps at Ultimate Freebies!

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08-08-2007 08:12:55

Attention Freebie Veterans

Ultimate Freebies is looking for interns to work as support reps. This is a non-paying position now that could turn into a paying position in the future, depending on performance.

We are looking for people who

- Are flexible
- Friendly
- Knowledgeable about the freebie industry
- Willing to learn

If you have what it takes, email= email=employment@ultimatefreebies.orgemployment@ultimatefreebies.org email=employment@ultimatefreebies.orgemployment@ultimatefreebies.org/email for more information!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies


08-08-2007 08:15:03

Good luck to ya, I hope you find a knowledgeable person!! )


08-08-2007 09:34:41

[quoteba83c794fc="manOFice"]Good luck to ya, I hope you find a knowledgeable person!! )[/quoteba83c794fc]

It's a must when working on the other side of things. We've received apps from quite a few people, but only one or two that really have a solid base of the freebie industry.


09-08-2007 13:13:08

Hi I sent you an email hope to hear from you soon.


13-08-2007 07:41:49

Just an update

Anyone who has inquired has been sent the employment application and other forms that MUST be filled out before you can be considered.

I will be accepting these applications until Wednesday of this week. On Thursday of this week, I will begin the selection process. We've hired one rep already who is currently on vacation until the 20th, however, this person inquired long before we were looking for support reps.

Please be patient. I expect the process to be completed by the weekend, with announcements then on who will be joining out support team! If you are hired as an intern with us, we will setup a training schedule via AIM (most likely late evening hours).

Thanks for all of the inquiries guys! We received quite a few and we are excited to find our new support reps for our growing company!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies


13-08-2007 08:39:33

I want to give it a try! )