Some new changes and other news! Check it out

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04-08-2007 11:35:25

Hey guys,

First off, please let me apologize if you have experience any downtime with us and problems with some offers not working. I have been in and out of my office all last week with my fiancee who's in the hospital. She gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Ella Kay, yesterday afternoon! That is why I haven't been around, so I truly apologize for that.

You might experience some small downtime with support tickets not being answered as quick as usual due to our new addition, as I'll be up at the hospital for a few more days. Towards the middle of next week, things will kick back into high gear, which now leads me to announce the following

- We've added many new offers. Come check them out!


- We are hiring some support staff to work support for us! We have two candidates currently that will be filling these positions later next week once things slow down on my end. They will be there to assist you with any questions and concerns you might have!

We plan on making many, many more changes. Payout frequency will kick back into high gear early next week as well.

Thanks for your understand guys!