The Freebie Life buys out Key2Free

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04-08-2007 10:23:07

It is true, Key 2 Free is now ran by The Freebie Life.. this now makes 3 Networks that are ran by The Freebie Life The Freebie Life, Always4Free, and now Key2Free.

I am very excited about this announcement, and I encourage everyone to continue using Key2Free, as most you of already know, I am very trustworthy and offer the best support.

If you haven't signed up on Key2Free yet, and would like a free offer completion here are the sites


Just sign up and open a ticket!

Expect some graphical changes for now, I don't think I will be doing anything drastic, except adding tons of offers.

Anyways, thanks to the old owner for all of this, I wish him the best of luck.

Now everyone, sign up on Key2Free!