MoneyBonanzas August Promotion!

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01-08-2007 21:04:41


Over the past 7 weeks, we have shipped nearly $3,000, and we would like to celebrate through our August promotions! We are still a relatively new network, so your chances of winning are much greater. Plus we still offer the same great prizes!

For the month of August, we have decided to raise payouts for our referral contest! The users who are able to bring in the most referrals will have the following amounts added on top of their order
1st prize $150 PayPal

2nd prize $125 PayPal

3rd prize $75 PayPal

4th prize $50 PayPal

5th prize $50 PayPal[/b58c77a8f84]
Users must have a minimum of 8 referrals signed up within the month of August to qualify.
As always, 1 referral on the Cash website will count as 1 referral for this contest, while 1 referral on the Gifts website will count as 2 referrals for this contest. [b58c77a8f84]And the 1st prize winner will receive $45 instead of $40 for every referral on the Cash website and $90 instead of $80 for ever referral on the Gifts website![/b58c77a8f84]

If you feel 8 is too many referrals for you, there is still a promotion for you! [b58c77a8f84]The first member to cash out with 5 referrals on our Cash site or 3 referrals on our Gifts site will receive $60 PayPal on top of their order. The next 5 members to do the same will receive a $25 bonus on their cashout![/b58c77a8f84] These referrals CAN count towards the overall referral contest. D So hurry before spots are taken!

To stay updated on all of our promotions, visit our promotions page![=http//]promotions page!

Good luck and happy referral hunting!


02-08-2007 09:13:21

I'M ON IT!!!


15-08-2007 16:56:08

Just wanted to give an update for our referral contest winners for July![/color5243ede4ba][/size5243ede4ba].

The top 3 winners have been paid, with the 1st place winner earning the $150 prize along with a $95 bonus[/color5243ede4ba][/size5243ede4ba] for all of his referrals!
There's still a lot of time left for the month of August, so keep bringing those referrals in! Register today and ask for a free green!

You can view all of our ongoing promotions by clicking here[=http//]here



16-08-2007 10:05:25

I am hoping to get alot of referrals for this promo! It looks like a good one!
Is there still time to win the first 5 to cash out part of the contest?


16-08-2007 11:38:06

[quote9688ee9d1d="ASharpEdge"]I am hoping to get alot of referrals for this promo! It looks like a good one!
Is there still time to win the first 5 to cash out part of the contest?[/quote9688ee9d1d]


Unfortunately, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes have already been awarded and paid. But the remaining places are still there for you! The next 5 people to cash out with 5 referrals will receive an extra $25 on top of their order. D