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01-08-2007 18:08:23

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Hi everyone,

the iphone is now available at our website! On all our websites, you have only to complete one easy offer to get a "Full credit". That why, the normal referrals needed for the iPhone 4 go is 15 referrals and for the 8 go is 18 referrals.

[b5b324e1a23]But, for the month of August, you can get the iPhone 4 go for only 11 referrals! The 8 go version will be at 13 referrals! And yes, you still only need to complete 1 easy offer to get "Full credit"![/b5b324e1a23]

For Canada Users, I know the iPhone is not available right now, but, if you pre-order you're iphone in August, you will get this gift with the same referrals needed!

If you don't know what is, there is a list of what we offer

- We ship you're gift each week! (Place you're order before Friday 23h59 Est Time, and get it on Sunday, our shipping day!)
- You have only to complete one easy offer on all our sites
- We have Live Support
- You can "Do it Yourself" our site, if you need 3 referrals, you can complete 3 extra offers and you will get you're prize!
- If you post proof picture, we reset you're account with a free green and you can get another gift!
- Our site are in French and English for all country!
- We offer Paypal Option on all our sites (We need you're ID the first time you want Paypal money.)
- We have 17 website to choose you're favorite gift, for you, you're wife or you're kids!
- We have a great selection of offers to choose from (Over 50 offers, all full credit!)

Remember this promotion is only for August, so hurry up!
If you have any question, you can send me an e-mail at or pm me!

Carl Fontaine - Givafree Admin


02-08-2007 16:33:21

it's 1 month only!


03-08-2007 13:11:52

August only!


04-08-2007 17:53:43

nobody want an iphone?


04-08-2007 19:09:26



05-08-2007 17:37:48

Don't know what you say? Nobody want you, to be is referral?


11-08-2007 13:55:42

Promo still good!


13-08-2007 06:12:20



18-08-2007 07:50:14