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31-07-2007 23:00:28



01-08-2007 06:15:07

You again? What happened to your old site? And why do you have a ref link to your own site? Also by the way what you're doing it telling people to spam, don't think your advertisers would like that very much.


01-08-2007 12:25:21

actually this is not my site i am referring people to this site

This is a promo that this particular site is offering

And its not spamming if you are posting in the appropriate forum threads which I clearly am


01-08-2007 12:29:08

No referral links



01-08-2007 12:30:09

No referral links allowed. Being here since November you should certainly know better.

This is the 2nd bowlingforcash post, with the exact verbiage and somebody else's reflink, posted in the last few minutes. Strange.

Edit your post immediately to remove the reflink, or I'll have to do it for you. I gave the newbie who just signed up today a break, but I'm less inclined to be so patient with someone who's been here almost a year and has 69 posts.


01-08-2007 21:09:59

All 69 posts are about these GPT sites with ref links and all.