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31-07-2007 22:48:45

We had such a great response with our July promo that we decided to raise our prize schedule for good. Now all prizes on are $75 per referral permanently. Sign up today and get a free credit. We want your business...come join us today and we promise the best customer service around!

We have shipped over $1000 since our launch in May.


01-08-2007 14:02:06

Quick update...we have joined up with OnVerify and now will provide Friday Payouts on Green referrals. Right now this is going to be in a beta testing phase, so please mention FiPG when you sign up or send me a support ticket current members and I will document your account as Friday pay. All orders will require phone verification. Once you have provided the code given on the phone verification, we will send your prize on the following Friday. If this system works this month, we will make this a permanent feature on Freebies4me! IM me or email for details.


01-08-2007 14:36:42

Signed up and got my free green super quick! Thanks! D


01-08-2007 15:31:42

signed up.. Can't wait to get my free green!!!


01-08-2007 15:34:53

Just signed up...thanks for the promo D


03-08-2007 07:58:08

We are sending our payments today for our first Friday pay of August. Join today and get paid next Friday (8/10). Join unreferred and i'll get you started with a free credit. We have cleaned up our offers and removed dead links. We have many free or under $5 offers and our affiliates have been providing us fresh new offers daily that you probably haven't seen on other networks.


05-08-2007 21:15:58



06-08-2007 06:16:47

Is this still valid or was it just for the one day?


06-08-2007 19:36:51

We give free greens every day. Our $75 per referral is our standard rate now, and Friday pays is a special for August but may become a fixture depending on how it works out. Come join can only gain because no one loses with!!!


07-08-2007 09:26:58

It sounds good.i will try it now.)


07-08-2007 14:10:27

Great send me a support ticket and i will credit your account. We love getting new members so come join us today at


07-08-2007 23:58:57

I like the promo and nice site.


08-08-2007 13:27:08

Thanks! And this is not a promo...this is our standard! We will always green you if you are unreferred, and everyone is green for life after your first prize order. Your referrals only need one credit each, and you can cash out on just 1 referral!!! We want to be the best site with the best service, so come on and check us out. You will find our customer service second to none.


08-08-2007 15:06:11

google ads?


08-08-2007 15:14:37

Sure why not ;)

Not required for the prizes...just there for you if you see something you like. The offers page is where your referrals will focus their efforts.


11-08-2007 22:31:09

We still have plenty of greens to give away. Next payday is 8/17, so come join us today and bring your referrals!


12-08-2007 01:28:27

I have signed up. My ref is 280. Can I still get my free credit? ;)


12-08-2007 11:37:23

Your credit has been issued! Thanks for signing up )


29-08-2007 13:31:27

We are scheduled to payout another $750 this week. That will put us over the $3000 mark since our opening, and over $2000 just for August! August has been HOT so come join today!


29-08-2007 17:37:04

I just signed up under

Do I still qualify for the free green?


05-09-2007 18:18:24

I would also like a free green, but haven't signed up yet... is it still available?


05-09-2007 20:09:46

i want a free green too, is it available?


08-09-2007 16:53:00

Free greens are ALWAYS available. Sign up today and we will credit your account.


27-09-2007 19:42:14

Just wanted to update our friends at FiPG...we have now shipped over $10,000 since our launch, and we won't stop there! September has been numbers will come out tomorrow for the month. We just added our 800th user, that's over 600 new users since August 1st! Come join the Freebies4me revolution. We offer great customer service, fast weekly payouts, new offers (many you have never even seen before!), and thorough background checking. We are your partner in checking out your trades...we are willing to answer any questions about your referrals. We have partnered with 4 other freebies sites to provide you a secure network to limit fraud and reduce those awful reds! Come check us out today, unreferred members are always provided a free green to get started. EVERYONE is green for life after your first order. That means no referrals will ever be required to do more than 1 credit worth of offers.

Check us out at ...let me know that you saw this on FiPG.


28-09-2007 08:31:10

Another $1000 out the door today. Our total for September brings us to $8,194.76. Come check us out today!


28-09-2007 08:57:44

Signed up today unreferred and sent support ticket for free green.



Drasna 8)


28-09-2007 09:41:28

Thanks, I updated your account with a free green!


28-09-2007 09:50:21

Is your site repeatable? )


28-09-2007 11:56:17

Absolutely...we are repeatable and you get a free green every time after your first order.


04-10-2007 00:48:51

Any plans on opening to Canadians ?


04-10-2007 21:10:40

It could happen...we are looking in to the rules of sending funds to Canada from a tax perspective, and also looking in to how we can perform the same background checking we do for our current members, if they are from different countries outside USA.