Launching August PROMOS! Plus updates,!!

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31-07-2007 10:13:09

Hey guys, some new updates and promos to kick off August!

First of all, after a month, the free green promotion has [b17b3559c42]ended[/b17b3559c42] but there will be options in our new promos which will be listed here.
And second of all, the $5 extra per ref promotion has [b17b3559c42]ended[/b17b3559c42] also, which too will have [b17b3559c42]other options[/b17b3559c42] listed here!

I hope everyone got to see what kind of company we are, one that is based on giving the [b17b3559c42]best customer service we can. [/b17b3559c42] If anyone needs proof on how legit we are, there is a proof section on our website, http//, where you can go to see [b17b3559c42]testimonials and proof pics. [/b17b3559c42]

Now all those who have ordered in the month of July, we will do our best to pay all of you out [b17b3559c42]as soon as possible[/b17b3559c42], sometimes pocket money runs out, but we will try our best!

And now, [b17b3559c42]THE NEW PROMOTIONS!![/b17b3559c42] (Get excited!! WHOOO!!!)

(1)Those of you who [b17b3559c42]missed out[/b17b3559c42] on the free green promo can either do one of the two options
Option #1 For the [b17b3559c42]month of August,[/b17b3559c42] we will give out a [b17b3559c42]full green[/b17b3559c42] to anyone who [b17b3559c42]signs up unreferred and completes ONE offer![/b17b3559c42] The values do NOT matter, you can do a [b17b3559c42]1/5 offer and still get a full credit![/b17b3559c42] Just open up a support ticket and let us know after you have done so! (We are at currently [b17b3559c42]100+ offers[/b17b3559c42], so hopefully everyone can find one that they have NOT done)
Option #2 You can do the regular way, sign up under someone and get paid for completing 1 full credit.

liliFor those who are wondering, yes is[b17b3559c42] FOREVER GREEN!!lili[/b17b3559c42]

(2) Now, the other promo! We were debating on whether to do a Referral Contest, or give everyone a chance to get [b17b3559c42]EXTRA MONEY[/b17b3559c42]...and we chose to let everyone get a chance to get [b17b3559c42]EXTRA MONEY![/b17b3559c42] For all those who get at least [b17b3559c42]7 greened referrals (yes because I like the number 7!)[/b17b3559c42], upon approval will receive [b17b3559c42]$50 EXTRA DOLLARS ON TOP![/b17b3559c42] But wait, there is [b17b3559c42]more[/b17b3559c42]! You can get an [b17b3559c42]EXTRA $5 on top for each greened ref after 7![/b17b3559c42] For example, lets say a user has 10 fully greened refs, they will get [b[]$50 EXTRA on top for the first 7, and then [b17b3559c42]$5 EXTRA for each ref after 7[/b17b3559c42]. Totaling out to be an [b17b3559c42]EXTRA $65 on top, upon approval[/b17b3559c42]!! Just open up a support ticket and let us know when you have done so and we will reward you.

[b17b3559c42]liliAll those who exceed $599 in total from our websites will HAVE to send a W-9 in order to receive payment!lili[/b17b3559c42]

Now the [b17b3559c42]BIG QUESTION[/b17b3559c42] on everyone’s mind is when payments will be. We have a set payment date in the month of August! [b17b3559c42]Those who get their orders in by August 15th will get their payments by August 30th!![/b17b3559c42] We think that this is enough time for all those who want to participate in the promotion.

So, make sure you open up support tickets letting us know about the two promos so we are aware of what is going on with your accounts! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, AIM, or via support ticket! Thanks and enjoy!
RocketBills Staff.


31-07-2007 12:40:55

I would like to to Option 1!!! )


01-08-2007 00:43:15

Sure! Just submit a support ticket!


02-08-2007 10:57:17

liliUPDATEDlili The payout schedule has been changed...All those who get their orders in by the 15th of August will be paid August 30th. Keep in mind out promotions and act accordingly!! Last day to get orders in is 1159 am on August 15th!!!


03-08-2007 10:50:32

Bumpity bump bump bump =)


05-08-2007 13:03:14

Bump - promo still good.