$2,150 total Referrals Contest for August!

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31-07-2007 01:20:50

[bbbc5d10d05]1st Place - $1,250
2nd Place - $500
3rd Place - $250
4th Place - $100
5th Place - $50
Total Prizes $2,150![/bbbc5d10d05][/colorbbc5d10d05][/sizebbc5d10d05]

40.MacroBucks.com/GiftCards.MacroBucks.com = 1 point for every completed referral
80.MacroBucks.com/Apple.MacroBucks.com/LCDs.MacroBucks.com = 2 points for every completed referral
Laptops.MacroBucks.com = 3 points for every completed referral

1. Referrals must be obtained and completed (as in full green) during the month of August[bbbc5d10d05]

If you would like to participate in this promotion, please submit a support ticket.
We have a leaderboard set up over here with details on the contest http//www.macrobucks.com/network/?page_id=45

The contest begins August 1st and ends August 30th, GOOD LUCK GUYS!

P.S. A free green will be rewarded to anyone who wants to pursue the referrals contest! [/sizebbc5d10d05][/bbbc5d10d05]


02-08-2007 00:46:07

Leaderboard updated!