Megafreebies question

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30-07-2007 14:02:12

Just completed there games site, and have had a support ticket for a few days that has gone unread, do they have any other concact info besides support ticket


15-08-2007 13:20:21

Bump, Been waiting for a responce for 3 days on my support tickets, they are marked as read, They told me Id have madden on release date, no sign of madden or a responce.


15-08-2007 13:25:13

I'm approved for a game. It seems like their support is taking a lot longer to respond.

I went like a week without credits or responses then bam! I had my credits and responses. I'm confirmed/approved for mario strikers for the wii.

I'm just waiting for it to ship. Their excellent when they answer our tickets. They used to answer tickets every day now it seems to take them over a week...but I did have a lot of responses to my tickets a few days ago.

Have no fear, we should have our games soon.

ps. If you read your own support ticket it will go to READ

The owner even said she has mario strikers so i'm gonna get her friend code and i'll battle her!


15-08-2007 13:27:00

It's just getting me that there reading, but not responding, They told me Id have madden release date, I wish they didnt tell me that So I could have gotten it myself, Thanks for the info, thought it was just me they wernt responding to


17-08-2007 08:02:25

My game JUST turned to "shipped" =)