[GiftOrb Network] Brand new DIY site! Promos inside too!

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28-07-2007 20:18:10

GiftOrb is proud to introduce it's newest member to the network[/size5a4f444ab8]


This is a great way to earn gifts without having to look for referrals!

-Every 10 points are worth $1 in gifts. We used this scale to make sure we can be more accurate in giving you the points you deserve. some sites will simply round down any fractional points. We don't.
-We will PRICE MATCH any other DIY site. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this.
-We will be adding offers weekly, and should have over 100+ offers to choose from in the near future.
-If you refer people, you will earn an instant 300 points ($30) for each referral that redeems a prize of at least 1500 points.

Earn a bonus 10% in points for ALL OFFERS you complete before the end of August.

Gifts will be shipped on the 30th of each month. Your account must be submitted for approval by the end of the previous month in order to get your prize shipped on the 30th of the current month.
Example Submit your account for approval on July 29th, and your prize will be shipped on August 30th.

Note All of GiftOrb's regular referral sites will still follow the shipment dates on the 5th and 20th of each month.


04-08-2007 14:52:54

New offers added! =]