[GiftOrb] Instant Payout Test??!!

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26-07-2007 08:23:34

The GiftOrb Network currently pays out on the 5th and 20th of every month.

Is anyone discouraged from those dates post here?

I'm trying to convince/work up a instant payout schedule...but just not sure if the crowd will take advantage of it D

Are you not completing one of our sites because there are no instant payouts?

Would you complete one of our sites if there were instant payouts?

Is this something current members want to see or are you satisfied with the 5th and 20th?

I want to hear the voices!


26-07-2007 10:45:44

Never tried a GiftOrb site, but I'll tell ya, I'd be more interested in trying if you had instant payouts rather than scheduled bi-monthly payouts.

I can't imagine that you'd hearing anything different from other traders. )


26-07-2007 11:15:25

That's what I wanna hear, I wanna hear the non members of our sites if we make it instant payouts will you join up?!

But what I don't wanna do is make instant payouts and no one takes advantage of it!


26-07-2007 11:23:06

I can't imagine that people will NOT take advantage of instant payouts!

When and if you put instant payouts into effect, it's not like a member will get his refs and the say to himself/herself "wait, I think I'll wait until the 5th or the 20th to submit for approval, just for the heck of it".


We all love money and instant gratification. Adding Instant Payouts as a feature of your sites will be nothing but a positive change. )


26-07-2007 12:47:27

I would love to see instant payouts, and yes I would redirect some referrals TODAY if that were the case, but be very wary of an influx of scammers looking for a quick buck, with this decision!


26-07-2007 12:58:10

Keep the comments coming )


26-07-2007 13:07:39

Youre sexy glenn..

oh yeah, instant payouts would drive me to your site.


26-07-2007 21:46:27

Yes I would definitly start working on your sites if you had an instant payout schedule. I think it would definitly increase your buisness.


27-07-2007 05:12:56

Look for this very soon ;)


29-07-2007 00:41:00

Who can believe that people don't like your site if you had an instant payout schedule. D


29-07-2007 18:58:32

I completed one site, and the payout took quite awhile. I would be more inclined to complete other sites (possibly all of them) if instant payouts were implemented!



03-08-2007 06:07:25

I would definitely support and promote your sites if you had instant payouts.


03-08-2007 07:09:52

licoughli any day now licoughli Start getting those referrals ;)