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19-07-2007 17:56:05


Well I have been quiet lately, and that's because I have been spending most of my days and nights coding this site, and I hope you will all enjoy it.

First of all, it is similar to Gift Monkey.

You can either get referrals, or do some (or all offers by yourself). The offers are based on point values, and your referrals can do as many as they want! You then get the full credit for their offers to your account.

So for example, if you are going for the $100.00 Paypal, you need 10 points. You can do 1 point, and you would need referrals to get you 9 more points (or so forth).


The site can be done multiple times, and you technically NEVER NEED TO DO AN OFFER. But if you are a referral, you can not use your offers to cashout. Not to mention the offer to credit weight ratio is very high.

You will see some new features, better looks, updates, more gifts and [b3dfbe3fcb4]tons of offers[/b3dfbe3fcb4] added overnight. I wanted to post this before I was to tired to comprehend anything! Regardless, I am very excited about this site and hope everyone will sign up!

If you have any questions, just ask here, I am sure I will be updating this thread daily.



21-07-2007 08:52:52

I just added tons of offers, will be adding more today.