www.freebieloot.com (GPT- Egold,PP)

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19-07-2007 12:32:46

After careful planning and we would like to introduce a new DIY (Do-It-Yourself) site!

FreebieLoot.com is the essence of the experiences of a number of people in the freebie world and will provide you with strong secure servers to protect your identity, a large bank balance to pay you twice a month from the moment of inception and vigorous testing over two months to ensure that no major flaws emerge as this site is brought to the forums!

We would like to welcome established members and newcomers to join and give us a chance to help you earn money. Each of us was a newbie at some point and we understand the hesitation and therefore the beetle on our site symbolizes the journey from the initial caution to the moment you realize you have enough money to upgrade your TV, laptop and your car!

Proof of payments will be posted on this page regularly and members are encouraged to claim their payments!

Thank you all for your support and what are you waiting for! Sign up today!

we will pay twice a month(only pay egold for free offer)


19-07-2007 17:28:16

Very low payouts.

$15 for 1 month blockbuster trial. EGR pays about two times that. Even the $1 trial offers, EGR pays about twice what you pay.

Higher payouts would be nice, you know?


19-07-2007 20:31:29

What site is EGR ?


20-07-2007 03:10:28

[quotec657271a87="kingsmoit"]What site is EGR ?[/quotec657271a87]