July Promo on Freebies4me.net

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19-07-2007 07:33:54

Ok this is our best promo to date. Sign up today unreferred and get your free green. That's not all!!! Select the Custom Order prize. We are offering $85 per referral!!! This blows away anything we have done in the past. Don't fret if you have already signed up on our site because everyone can select this prize. You must complete your order by July 31 2007 at 1159 pm Eastern (859pm Pacific). There is no limit to how high your prize can go (orders over $599 are subject to W9 submittals). There are no exceptions, this promo is only good til July 31. All orders placed will be paid September 1, as per our standard payout schedule. If you want a prize instead of Paypal, please IM me at freebies4me5000 on AIM and let me know and we can work out a deal.

Just go to www.freebies4me.net and sign up unreferred for your free credit. If you are already a referral or a current member on the site, just change your prize to Custom and send me a support ticket and I'll note your account is signed up for the $85/ref July promo.



20-07-2007 12:48:48

I signed up ref=168, Free Green Please! Great PROMO! Long wait for payout, do you anticipate more frequent payouts in the future?

Look forward to doing Business,



23-07-2007 13:16:29

Just a reminder there is only 1 week remaining on the $85 per referral promo. Come join us at www.freebies4me.net.


30-07-2007 20:35:21

24 Hours remain...come on and bring your referrals for $85 each. Sign up unreferred at www.freebies4me.net and you will get your free green. Remember everyone is green for life after you complete an order. Time is wasting on collecting your money!