Partial Credits at RocketBills. **LIMITED TIME OFFER**

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17-07-2007 22:52:47

As I have noticed, many traders are stuck with referrals now completing their full greens, thus leaving many traders feeling like their hard work has gone down the drain. Well at we are here to change that, we will now be offering partial credits for a [b05c8163745]LIMITED TIME[/b05c8163745]!
.25(1/4) = $10
.50(1/2) = $20
.75(3/4) = $30[/b05c8163745]

We highly encourage you to motivate your referrals to finish their green, which will gain you $30 extra dollars. Here at we want to reward out users for their hard work, just simply open up a support ticket, and let us know which users you want to get partial credits for.

[b05c8163745]NOTE ONCE AN ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED, YOU CANNOT GO BACK AND CHANGE YOUR PARTIAL CREDIT.[/b05c8163745] Once you have placed and order and your partial credit has been asked for, you cannot change this, even if the ref gains more credits. So please be wise and patient, once an order is placed then its placed. You can make changes before an order has been placed.

Remember, this is only for a limited time, so take advantage of it! Thanks, RocketBills Staff.