WEEKLY Payouts!!

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FPZ Robin

17-07-2007 10:19:25

[b308885ebc2]FreePrizeGalaxy.com will pay you every week! Order by Tuesday 1159 PM get PAID on Fridays[/b308885ebc2]![/color308885ebc2][/size308885ebc2]

We are very excited to offer weekly payouts. Over [b308885ebc2]1,300 offers [/b308885ebc2]so you have plenty to do on our sites! Hundreds of Non-CC offers too!

2,500 points equals $25.00! What are you waiting for? We have shipped out $8,000 already! [/size308885ebc2]

We love giving you cash! Our Summer CASH giveaway is extended. Any order in July will get an extra $5.00 CASH!
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