I have been granted the power! Come get some!

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16-07-2007 18:08:18

I have granted the power as a rep for www.greenteamcash.com[]www.greenteamcash.com and to celebrate, I will be giving out free greens.

A little about the site, It is a fairly new site with cash and prize incentives.
There is about 200 offers to choose from and more is being added every day. They pay out on a 15 day net. You must place your orders by the last business day of the month to paid out on the 15th of the faloowing month. I tried to get them to make it sooner, but I guess the affiliates are complaining about to much fraud.

Anyways, check out the site and let me know if I am getting myself into a mess. Oh, and dont forget to open a support ticket for your free green.



18-07-2007 08:10:45

Sounds neato! Sooo when I get my free green can I cash out over and over?


18-07-2007 09:32:55

Yes, once you complete the required amount of refferals per prize, Cash out and start again!