Money Bonanzas New Payout Schedule!

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15-07-2007 09:17:34

Hello, FreeIpodGuide Members!

Starting in the month of July, we will have a bimonthly payout schedule! Orders submitted during the 1st-15th of each month will be fulfilled on the 30th of that month. Orders submitted during the 15th-30th of each month will be fulfilled on the 15th of the following month!

I would like to also remind everyone of our ongoing referral promotion for July. Our winners from the June referral contest have just been paid with our first place winner receiving an extra $150 and an extra $5 for each of his 23 referrals for a total of $265 in promotional winnings![/sizecc6052bacb]

For July, the members who can obtain the most referrals will receive the following bonuses on top of their order

1st prize $150 PayPal!
2nd prize $100 PayPal!
3rd prize $50 PayPal!

1 referral on the Cash website will count as 1 referral for this contest, while 1 referral on the Gifts website will count as 2 referrals for this contest. And as an added bonus, the 1st prize winner will receive $45 instead of $40 for every referral on the Cash website and $90 instead of $80 for ever referral on the Gifts website![/sizecc6052bacb][/colorcc6052bacb]

If you have any questions, you may reach me by submitting a support ticket or through any of the methods below
AIM moneybonanzas
Yahoo Messenger moneybonanzas[/colorcc6052bacb][/colorcc6052bacb]