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10-07-2007 20:02:27

To spark up some new interest after our revamp of Gift Chaos, we decided to bring back everyone's (well, mostly everyone's) favorite promotion.
Yes, the free offer credits promo.

You choose ONE Gift Chaos site in which you want to receive all the required offer credits for (for free).
The only thing you'd need to do after that is find referrals.

[ufc407691c2]To get your credits, you MUST do the following in exact order[/ufc407691c2]

1. You must sign up UNREFERRED to the Gift Chaos site in which you'd like your free offer credits to go to.
2. Sign in and open a support ticket with the subject "Free Offer Credits - FiPG".
3. In the body, include the site which you would like your free credits credited to.
4. POST IN THIS THREAD your user ID number (ex ipd-12345).

And that's it! You should be credited within a day!

-You must sign up unreferred
-This promotion is eligible on all Gift Chaos sites EXCEPT
-US only
-All other Gift Chaos Terms of Service apply

Promotion ends July 15th, 2007.

Happy credits! )


11-07-2007 09:20:38

4 days left!


13-07-2007 11:28:24

2 days left!