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09-07-2007 18:40:07

For the exciting Grand Opening of EarnGiftsFree, We are proud to present two HOT Promos which will surely make this the biggest site opening to date!!!!!

1. 1. [b8a94a91e75]We are giving a FREE CREDIT to the site of your choice within our network (ipods, gaming, cash, babies) to ALL non-referred users for the entire month of July![/b8a94a91e75] To redeem your credit just send in a support ticket with "Free Credit" in the subject line right after you sign up and we will issue you that first Credit on us!

2. Also, as an added incentive, [b8a94a91e75]we are giving Free Credit on ALL 4 OF OUR SITE'S WITHIN OUR NETWORK (ipods, gaming, cash, babies) to any user from FIPG who has traded with "theinsider" in the past.[/b8a94a91e75] Check your trade module. If you traded with "theinsider" in the past just sign up on all 4 of our site's and send in a support ticket with "Trade Partner" in the subject line and we will issue you that first Credit on us. That's it !


10-07-2007 08:15:55

signed up...


10-07-2007 08:37:06

Welcome. You have already been issued your Free Credit. Best of luck.


10-07-2007 08:44:39

oh foafy...


10-07-2007 08:58:18

Signed up for Cash. ) Looking forward to it!! D


10-07-2007 09:03:54

Edit Oh foafy....


11-07-2007 10:24:16

I want to thank everyone here at FIPG for taking part in our Grand Opening Promotion. We have had a lot user's from FIPG sign up already and there is plenty of room for more. Remember, we are giving Free Credit for the entire month of July.

Thanks again to all of you for participating. Best of luck.


11-07-2007 10:36:11

Nice images.


11-07-2007 22:09:25

i'M in...Signed up unreferred.Looking for my free green.


12-07-2007 04:35:06

Welcome. Your Free Credit has been issued. Thanks for taking part in this promotion.


14-07-2007 07:02:41

We have just added many 1/3 credit offers. We will be adding more full credit, half credit, and 1/3 credit offers later in the week.

Big War Bird

14-07-2007 09:15:47

After cashing out once do I personally have to earn another green or can I just get my account reset for a free green ala ordergiftsfree and others?


14-07-2007 14:03:07

After you cash out you will have to earn another Green. I hope to change this as the business grows but right now I am going to keep it this way. Thanks for participating.


17-07-2007 04:18:07

There is still about two weeks left to get your Free Credit.

We have also paid out to our first user today!


17-07-2007 14:22:41

How fast are your payments?


17-07-2007 14:46:45

From our home page.....http//www.earngiftsfree.com

"This first month we are shipping early to select customers, chosen at random. Otherwise, for the rest of you, gifts will be received on the 15th of the next month. After seeing how smoothly everything goes, our shipping times will drastically decrease."

So far our Grand Opening has been a success. We have paid out some users already. One was actually paid the same day as approval as per our promo. I am anticipating a 10 day payout period in the near future. I will keep everyone posted.


17-07-2007 15:00:00

nice sites


17-07-2007 19:22:40

Thanks darock76. By the way, we were trade partners which entitles you to a Free Credit on all our sites !

I sent you a pm about it but got no response. I will try again now.


19-07-2007 16:53:06

We have updated our shipping times. This first month we are shipping instantly to select customers, chosen at random. Otherwise, for the rest of you, gifts will be shipped / received within 10 days of account approval.


22-07-2007 09:02:15

Only 9 day's remaining for the Free Credit promotion.


25-07-2007 21:06:54

Hello. I just want to let you all know we now have our own forum here. We will be offering help and support as well as news updates about the site in there. Please come visit us and ask any questions you may have. Good luck.



31-07-2007 20:12:11

Hello everyone. I apologize for the inconvenience earlier today. We had our site moved to a new server so that is why there was some downtime. As a result, we are extending our FREE CREDIT Promotion 1 more day !

Wednesday August 1 is your last chance to get a FREE CREDIT !

Come and get it while you still can. Good luck.


06-08-2007 11:26:39

Just want to say thank you to all who took part in our FREE Credit promotion. We hope you were pleased with our customer support as well as our quick payouts. We have shipped out over $1,350 in less than a month's time. Our August promotions will be up by the 9th to celebrate our first month in business. Check our forum here on FIPG for all the details. Best of luck to all of you.