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09-07-2007 12:01:33


MoneyBonanzas has been open for over a month now, and I am proud to say we are a network dedicated to customer support and customer satisfaction. We make it our first priority to answer every support ticket, e-mail, and instant message quickly to ensure our members have a great experience with our network!

We have two sites

http// ($40 per referral)
http// ($80 per referral)

We would like to announce our new referral promotions for July that could earn you hundreds of dollars extra on your next order!

Starting today, July 9th, the first users to submit an order with at least 5 referrals from our Cash site or 3 referrals from our Gifts site will receive the following prizes

1st - $120
2nd - $80
3rd - $60
4th 8th - $20

Furthermore, we would also like to remind you of our rewards for users who are able to obtain the most referrals each month. Every member is eligible for both promotions, so the potential bonus winnings can be huge!

For the month of July, the rewards for the most referrals will be as follows

1st prize $150 PayPal!
2nd prize $100 PayPal!
3rd prize $50 PayPal![/sizea431bccff9]

1 referral on the Cash website will count as 1 referral for this contest, while 1 referral on the Gifts website will count as 2 referrals for this contest.
And as an added bonus, the 1st prize winner will receive $45 instead of $40 for every referral on the Cash website and $90 instead of $80 for ever referral on the Gifts website!

For more details on all of our promotions, please visit our homepage[=http//]homepage and our promotions category[=http//]promotions category. Take a look at our offers and sign up if you are interested! If you have any questions, you may reach me by submitting a support ticket or through any of the methods below. Thanks!

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10-07-2007 07:24:48

I already signed up and got my offer credits, thanks alot. I will start pushing your sites soon.


12-07-2007 14:37:11