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ReallyItsFree July Updates and Promos

I would like to discuss some updates that have been occurring on the site

1. I'm pleased to announce today that our site has moved from $30/ref to roughly $43/ref. This means that rewardreferral ratio has decreased. Check out the site to see what's changed.

2. We've incorporated a post-back system to increase offer completion

3. We're in the process of adding TONS of offers

[uf16fc13cd3][bf16fc13cd3]July Promo[/bf16fc13cd3][/uf16fc13cd3]

For all those who sign up unreferred by [bf16fc13cd3](7/20/07)[/bf16fc13cd3], I will award you a free credit. All you need to do is PM me that your signing up, and what your username is. I'll give you more information. For new members only; not referrals. Once you've signed up, all I do is press a button and you will have FULL CREDIT (A $43 value!)

Some of our proof shots


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We are still a new site, with much to gain. Any comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. You can get in touch with me in many ways, as will be noted at the end of this post. If you'd like to see an offer that isn't there, please let me know.

Thanks for trying us!

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Bump, check it out, it's a brand new script.