[GiftOrb Network] Special! [7/7/07] Promotion! ONE DAY ONLY

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07-07-2007 06:38:07

[b8a1aec9621]The GiftOrb Network[/b8a1aec9621] is throwing a One Day Promotion to celebrate the lucky sevens! (The date is 7/7/07) - Looks pretty lucky to me! How lucky are you?

[u8a1aec9621][b8a1aec9621]How to enter [/b8a1aec9621][/u8a1aec9621]

- Be the 7th,17th,27th,37th,47th,57th,67th, or 77th poster in the following thread to get a raffle for this contest.
[b8a1aec9621]POST HERE http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=66066[/b8a1aec9621]

- You may only post a maximum of [b8a1aec9621]FOUR [/b8a1aec9621]times in the thread. If you post more than [b8a1aec9621]FOUR [/b8a1aec9621]times in the thread, then all raffle tickets you acquire will be void. Use strategy, and time when you post in order to be a winner poster.

- Try to post more than just "bump". I would like to hear comments / suggestions about the GiftOrb Network. Or you can always post testimonials / proof pics.

- I will post at random times during the day to help bump the count.

- This contest will end either after 77 posts in the thread, or if it's 7/8/07. Whichever comes first.

- The drawing will be held on Sunday.

[b8a1aec9621]We are giving away two prizes! [/b8a1aec9621]
Winner - $77.07 via GiftCard or Paypal.
Runner Up - Gift Orb. [/size8a1aec9621]

[b8a1aec9621]THE OFFICIAL PROMO THREAD TO POST IS HERE http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=66066[/b8a1aec9621]

K2F Owner

07-07-2007 16:25:08

Hey! you took my lucky day arg......oh well I guess i'm just helping out this thread. I hope someone wins!