New design, Extended Promos

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05-07-2007 18:12:48

Well as I mentioned in my first post ever, our website was plain and ugly! shock As promised, has taken on a [b3f35a19d18]new look[/b3f35a19d18], and to celebrate it, we will [b3f35a19d18]extend[/b3f35a19d18] our promos until the end of the month! lol

[b3f35a19d18]Promo 1 Free Greens![/b3f35a19d18] - Just open up a support ticket entitled "FPIG Free Green" (unreffed)

[b3f35a19d18]Promo 2 $5 extra for every referral you have completed upon approval![/b3f35a19d18]

More promos will be coming soon as soon as we grow. We would like to thank all the users that left us great feedback and supported us in every way, we would be nothing without you.

So what are you waiting for? Experience for yourself! [i3f35a19d18]Leave any feedback about our new design here![/i3f35a19d18]And remember what we always say, our [b3f35a19d18]users come first![/b3f35a19d18] We will continue to offer the great and quick support as we always have!

RocketBills Staff